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Based on customer reviews and data from Google and/or its partners.

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  • S

    A reviewer

    May 5, 2020 on Shopper Approved

    Overall it was very nice and very good. The product is what I expected. Very comfortable and plushy.

  • S

    A reviewer

    Dec 22, 2019 on Shopper Approved

    Mark was professional and very helpful. He went above and beyond to help us in everything we needed.

  • S

    A reviewer

    Nov 13, 2019 on Shopper Approved

    Vlad and Nikita were awesome. I appreciated the communication before arriving. They did a great job.

  • S

    A reviewer

    Jul 24, 2019 on Shopper Approved

    Den and Luke Were courteous and effective. They made sure to put the items in the right area thanks!

  • e

    A reviewer

    Jun 2, 2019 on eKomi

    Using your app was easy and I was able to find the table that I wanted that I was looking at on ***.

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