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Based on customer reviews and data from Google and/or its partners.

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  • T

    A reviewer

    2 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

    The delivery time was very long, I asked for the status of my order and I didn't get an answer and one of the products I received is expired. :-(

  • T

    A reviewer

    2 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

    Easy to order, cheaper then other sites and very fast delivery!

  • T

    A reviewer

    2 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

    Great customer service, great pricing, I ordered the incorrect contacts and they were very accommodating and sent me a postage return voucher and allowed me to return t( unopened contact boxes and reorder t(e proper contacts. Then some of those contacts were back ordered and they sent me 4 individual sample contacts to tied me over until the back orders arrive and get shipped out to me. Thank you, much appreciated and great service.

  • Len Hornstein

    2 days ago on Google Customer Reviews

    Contacts are a good fit no problem with that end. I had a need to call the company a couple of times and I must say that the recorded announcement is long obnoxious repetitive and...... Only to get a chance to leave a message at the end. Unless I also missed something, website says minimum order $49 mine was 51 and I was required to buy another item to add up to 55..... There might be a need to look at your website and make some corrections Or be up front and bold as to what you are required to purchase For your service.

  • T

    A reviewer

    2 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

    Contactsforless is an excellent place to buy contact lenses. I've tried many retailers, and online stores. The prices are always consistently awesome, the brand stands for good causes, and the product quality is excellent. They even donate a lot of proceeds to charity. One of a kind company! Thanks for the great work!

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