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  • A

    A reviewer

    Mar 23, 2023 on Google Customer Reviews

    Balík dorazil na sever Skotska za 4 pracovní dny. 🙂👍 Moc dobrá práce efloorball a DHL 👏

  • A

    A reviewer

    Nov 18, 2022 on Google Customer Reviews

    Efloorball was very efficient. My supplement purchase was dispatched and received by DHL in very quick time. Many thanks.

  • A

    A reviewer

    Dec 9 on Google Customer Reviews

    Great service all round. From the website offering all the advice I needed to the ordering and delivery of the stick it was effortless. I'll definitely use eFloorball again.

  • A

    A reviewer

    Oct 2 on Google Customer Reviews

    Had everything I wanted in stock and shipping was quick

  • Daavid Kahn

    Dec 27 on Google Customer Reviews

    Great product and as described, kids love it!

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