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    • Andru Petkovic

      Yesterday on Google Customer Reviews


    • A

      A reviewer

      Yesterday on Google Customer Reviews

      Delivered on time with no damage. Surprised by everything that was included. For about $250, we received a fully weighted 88 key piano with interface and adapters for USB and USB-c, headphones, a velvet violet cover, stickers for labeling keys, if you choose, a soft cleaning cloth, and an adapter for a large headphone jack to the small opening on the back. Where else can you get a new electric piano with so much quality, weight, polish and purpose for less than $300? I'm absolutely amazed what I could give my US Marine buddy for his birthday, but with the epilepsy from Lejeune waters, he can't blow his horn like he once did, and he needs his music for therapy. Thank you so much!

    • Bill Engelke

      2 days ago on Google Customer Reviews

      The telecaster & stratacaster are great with the maple fingerboards. I also purchased a straight Glarry electric bass. It plays very well too. now to the acoustic/electric guitars. I have a ashthorp dreadnought. plays very well from glarry. then there was the gt102. action too high from the ninth fret and higher. I contacted glarry and they said they will reimburse me for cost of the stated problem/repair. it's not every day i find all around excellence but I do believe i have with glarry.

    • Neal Workman

      1 week ago on Google Customer Reviews

      Bought guitar 5 fays ago, still hasnt shipped it seems. If it doesnt ship in another 5 days , i hope its a really great guitar when it arrives.

    • A

      A reviewer

      1 week ago on Google Customer Reviews

      It's a good beginner's guitar, great price!

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