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Based on customer reviews and data from Google and/or its partners.

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  • G

    A reviewer

    1 week ago on Google Customer Reviews

  • Chris Arey

    3 weeks ago on Google Customer Reviews

    High quality shoes at a very reasonable price. Have been a customer for years, never disappointed - always pleased.

  • G

    A reviewer

    Apr 14 on Google Customer Reviews

    Always Excellent !! It’s hard to believe I can order and receive from them faster than I can here in the USA.

  • Douglas Bruso

    Apr 4 on Google Customer Reviews

    I now have two different style of shoe from under the Herring umbrella, made in (appreciate the transparency) different facilities. Both are true-to-size and excellent quality. The British made shoe feels stiffer and has a more elevated toe cap height. Their Goodyear Welted Rubber Sole is not at all sticky wet or dry. I hate that stepped in gum feeling and sound. Their boot made at the Santos factory in Portugal, feels appropriately softer and lighter. Don't be afraid of the Z160 last! The extra room is nice. I shopped the Sale section and got free shipping paying roughly the same price as shoes made in New Delhi or MTO from Bogotá. They must have lost money on me. Shipped in a few days over the ocean. How? I would say "I'm buying from them from now on," but I actually may never need another pair of shoes for the rest of my life. These are just great.

  • G

    A reviewer

    Apr 4 on Google Customer Reviews

    Easy shopping experience from someone who's stateside. Great products, love my Barker boots!

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