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Herring Shoes are specialists in high quality men's shoes. Our list of suppliers include Church's, Loake, Barker, Cheaney, Alfred Sargent, Trickers, Sebago, Wildsmith, Saphir and our own Herring shoes. Here you can find ...

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    A reviewer

    3 days ago on Google Customer Reviews

    Herring makes it as easy as buying local. Excellent customer service even at a long distance.

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    A reviewer

    Mar 2 on Google Customer Reviews

    I highly recommend Herring Shoes! Great quality and customer service at extremely reasonable prices!

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    A reviewer

    Feb 27 on Google Customer Reviews

    excellent quality of shoes , excellent quality of shoe trees , and last but not least excellent service Thank you

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    A reviewer

    Feb 16 on Google Customer Reviews

    Good quality.. The product arrived on time.

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    A reviewer

    Feb 4 on Google Customer Reviews

    Best kept secret in shoe making and selling. Shoes are top quality for a fraction of the cost of John Lobb or Edward Green. On the service side Herring is absolutely wonderful. I think I have bought eight pairs of shoes from Herring in the past 3 years and every shoe and purchase experience has been exceptional.

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