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  • Y

    A reviewer

    Nov 1 on Yotpo

    Great products and great honest service. What else can you ask for? Go ahead and buy from them

  • Y

    A reviewer

    Oct 30 on Yotpo

    I’m happy with my purchase works great with my Brother Printer

  • Y

    A reviewer

    Oct 28 on Yotpo

    Very quick, arrived within a few days.

  • Y

    A reviewer

    Oct 17 on Yotpo

    Hello, this is the second order from us. Both orders came in great time. The only thing we felt in the first order of ink was blotting on paper at first but it did eventually stop & all was good. We have not yet used the second order so cannot comment on it yet but I will say I am looking forward to seeing how this second order does as it has been upgraded. Having said that, so far we are pleased with the ink & the very reasonable cost attached to it so thank you.

  • Y

    A reviewer

    Oct 9 on Yotpo

    Went to a local chain to buy ink for my laser printer. I could have bought 2 printers for what they were going to charge. Got exactly what I needed at an affordable price, the package came on time and works perfectly!

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