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Based on customer reviews and data from Google and/or its partners.

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  • Kelli Campton

    Jun 18 on Google

  • Micah Syswerda

    Apr 30 on Google

  • Kayla oberdick

    Feb 16 on Google

  • Olena Yatsyuk

    Jan 4 on Google

    Amazing customer and quality - can't wait to order more items from them!

  • shonda h

    Dec 21 on Google

    I ordered save the date magnets and they turned out so beautiful. The magnet looked just like the proof online. I am very pleased with the quality and overall look of it. The only complaint I have was the amount of time I waited to receive them. It took a little over 3 weeks for 150 save the date magnets. That kind of delayed my process a little more than it already was. But other than that I am very pleased and I will be using again and recommending to others.

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