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Discover the leader in electric sit-to-stand desks. Stylish, durable, sustainable, made in Colorado.

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    Anonymous reviewer

    Jan 13, 2020 on Google Customer Reviews

    "The customer service was top notch and was defiantly the most easy experience."
    I love my mojo desk! The customer service was top notch and was defiantly the most easy experience. We had a little issue with some of the products coming in damaged. Devin help me quickly and efficiently as possible. My only concern or re-evaluated would be to some of the screws and their lengths. The screws for the safety unit are to long for what is instructed to use. so if, like I would guess most would, try to put the safety mount flush to the bottom of the table your screw will put and indent or go through the top of the table. Lucky I caught it before going through the top but now I got a permeant bump dead center of my table and may safety mount isn’t flush which is probably why I keep getting an error when moving it from time to time. .
    Anonymous reviewer

    Feb 9 on

    "I highly recommend MojoDesk and would purchase again if the need arose."
    I love my MojoDesk. The quality and durability of the desk is excellent, the sit-stand feature works well, and the custom size larger cubicle corner desk fit all of my needs. The only thing I would suggest is moving the wires and location of the optional metal cable tray further back on the desk (underneath) so it creates more leg room at the front of the desk and you avoid hitting your knees on the metal cable tray. I also purchased the metal clamp on power bar and use it daily. It has standard power and usb ports and takes up minimal space. Finally. I purchased the Magicsnap chain which looks nice and keeps the power cord neatly tucked away and protected. I highly recommend MojoDesk and would purchase again if the need arose.
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