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MojoDesk is the leader in electric sit to stand desks. Shop our adjustable height standing desk solutions for home, office, and gaming or eSports setups.

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      A reviewer

      Mar 15 on

      The desk is such a fantatsic product. Easy to set up and after several years of use, it's working perfectly. I love it.

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      A reviewer

      Feb 19 on

      Super sturdy, also looks nice. I love having the option to stand or sit, and can adjust on the fly for anywhere in between. Provides a good amount of space for my 3 screen set up, keyboard, room to write/take notes, have a stack of folders on the corner, etc. Highly recommended!

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      A reviewer

      Feb 18 on

      The desk has worked perfectly for a few months now. I have 3 screens and 2 computers and the longer 72" desk works well. Minimal wobble even when in the high position. Only 2 problems: USB port didn't work unfortunately. One of the threaded holes in the vertical legs needed to be re-cut for complete assembly. I took care of it easily enough but required a trip to teh hardware store for the tap.

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      A reviewer

      Feb 17 on

      I have had my mojo desk for 3+ years and it has survived a couple moves in that time as well. Can’t beat the build quality of a mojo desk.

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      A reviewer

      Feb 12 on

      I purchased a 30x72 carbon fiber rectangular desk roughly 4 years ago, wanting to support a local company and needing a sit-stand desk that could support the weight of my PC and peripherals. So far it's held up great. It handles the weight of the at least 120lbs between my gaming PC, pen display, two other monitors, and 3 monitor arms. The mechanism is smooth and fairly quick on the lift hardware MojoDesk uses, and the desk surface has held up. Some of my criticisms: - The wire holes are fairly large and central on the desk, making it hard to attach monitor arms at those positions and also reducing the desk space I have for large desk mats. I wish the holes were more pill-shaped instead of circular to reduce how much space they take on the width. - The cable management tray is not very secure which makes it quite easy to knock around if I raise my legs up. I wish there were some thing more intuitive or lower profile for the cable management. I would have loved a below-desk floating PC shelf that could support the size and weight of a mid-tower gaming PC so I could increase the desk space. The available strap solution would not support the size or weight of my PC. Also, before you get a desk like this I strongly encourage getting furniture pads that help you slide it (carpet or hardwood) and put them on during assembly, because this thing is heavy and moving it around even in the same room is no joke.

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