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    A reviewer

    3 days ago on Feefo

    Great day, friendly and helpful staff. Shame about the cost of photos. Would you make more sales if they were lower in cost. Sadly I was priced out of buying this.

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    A reviewer

    4 days ago on Feefo

    Excellent service, efficient and well organised on the day. Very enjoyable day

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    A reviewer

    6 days ago on Feefo

    I would certainly recommend this off-road driving experience. It was full on, great fun with a good range of different vehicles to drive and great instructors with a great deal of humour.

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    A reviewer

    6 days ago on Feefo

    The overall experience was very enjoyable for our young person and she had a great time. We did purchase an in car film so that our other family members, who missed the real thing, could re watch the experience, however, when we got it home and tried to play it, it was in fact empty! We even asked our ICT Technician to support with the matter but he also confirmed there was nothing recorded. Such a shame for this to happen. I am currently still waiting on an answer for a refund. I would not advise purchasing a recording, unfortunately.

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    A reviewer

    6 days ago on Feefo

    Drift Limits work well as a team making sure our safety is paramount. This is the first time I've ever been to a track day and they made it memorable. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

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