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    • T

      A reviewer

      3 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

      My experience was great, staff was very friendly, helpful and generous! Highly recommended!

    • T

      A reviewer

      4 days ago on TRUSTPILOT

      This doll is absolutely great, this thing is a bounce castle, honestly, she's bouncier than a trampoline! She's nearly perfect, there's just one thing, she is very heavy, my whole body is sore, I could barely pick it up, and this brings me to the next thing, I requested body heater and evo, however they can't do both, so I was given a choice, a choice in which I regret making, I chose the body heater instead of the evo skeleton. I wish I would've chosen the evo skeleton. It took 3 weeks for the doll to ship from China to U.S. Customs to my door, which I'm not mad about, the wait was well worth it! VLD is trustable, reliable, Sandy offers consistent quality, actually if it wasn't for Sandy, I may have turned away from this company before purchase, but Sandy reassured every concern, question, request I had, etc. If you ask her about what's happening next and "must" is in her sentence, it's 99,9% happening. Overall, I'm glad I decided to go to VLD for this because it looks and feels amazing, the only thing I would change is replacing the body heater with evo skeleton. I'm generally very pleased and have a lot more positives than negatives. Also, another thing, nobody wants to seem to give an actual experienced opinion with the robotic oral and hips & waist, many say that it's a waste of money, though I disagree, h.e.a.v.i.l.y. It is WELL WORTH IT!! It all works, she didn't snap, or break, the circuits didn't fry, or anything, they work and I mean THEY REALLY WORK! And this is from experience, as well. Also, don't confuse these with cheap Amazon torso dolls, they're of much much better quality. If I were to buy this same product again, I'd have evo skeleton instead of body heater, mainly because there is so much extra weight in the torso, and it unbalances the weight of the whole doll, which is very tiring on your muscles. I did the bride carry, be careful with 157 lbs of that, make sure the weight is pushing on your waist, that way you don't pull something, break your back, or even rip the doll.

    • T

      A reviewer

      2 weeks ago on TRUSTPILOT

      Got my doll yesterday love this company I order from venuslovedolls What type of Doll Pete my interest and they got it

    • The Hulkamazing Show

      2 weeks ago on Google Customer Reviews

      Very awesome, Sandy is awesome. I hate that Fedex was chosen instead of UPS though, because Fedex is a little trashy, but ye. Other than that, venus and silicone lover makes the Irontech brand better than themselves.

    • T

      A reviewer

      Feb 25 on TRUSTPILOT

      I live close to LA and the dolls are really nice even the small one are good quality and a pretty decent size. Just keep it a secret.

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