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Based on customer reviews and data from Google and/or its partners.

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  • Tania W

    Mar 8 on Google Customer Reviews

    Like their logo states: "Service that's out of this world!" And the prices aren't bad either. ;)

  • T

    A reviewer

    Mar 2 on TRUSTPILOT

    This was my second order. Both were shipped complete and on time. I was kept informed along the way.

  • G

    A reviewer

    Sep 18, 2022 on Google Customer Reviews

    Easy to order, the prices are very reasonable for all of my medical needs and the shipping is quick.

  • T

    A reviewer

    Aug 6, 2021 on TRUSTPILOT

    Thank you for the prompt delivery! Prices are fair and the same quality as the drug store's product.

  • G

    A reviewer

    Sep 11, 2020 on Google Customer Reviews

    Great service. Will be repeat customer. Would have liked a shipping notice when order was shipped.

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